Caselli Daziari Milan
Restoration of historic building
Granting Authority
Works duration
Duration of concession
Agenzia del Demanio
18 months
30 years
These historical buildings, Caselli Daziari, built in 1838, are located in the Milan city centre, near the Monument "Arco della Pace".
The buildings have an extraordinary symbolic, architectural and cultural value. For that reason, the aim of the restoration works was to protect the constructions and, at the same time, to renovate the entire area. With this intetion, the two buildings will be managed by Pessina, through a 30-year concession contract. The "Levante Casello" (743 square meters) it's dedicated to the organization of cultural events; the other building, "Ponente Casello" (790 square meters) host events on the food and wine theme.
The first phase of the restoration works was the architectural restoration of exterior facades. In the second phase, Pessina renovated the interios spaces.
Project brochure
Detail of the restored facade
Main entrance