Fater Campus - Spoltore (PE)
Office building
Granting Authority
Works duration
Fater S.p.A.
2 years
Fater SpA, is a joint venture founded in Pescara in 1958, between Procter & Gamble and Angelini Group. The new headquarters in Spoltore will replace the current one after the demolition of an existing building.
The project covers a total area of ​​approximately 17,000 sqm: 15,000 sqm of offices and 2,000 sqm of parking. The structure will be composed as follows: on the ground floor there is a reception, an exhibition room, a dining room and a kitchen, various meeting rooms and other laboratories.
The first floor will be an open space for offices with a library space available to employees. The design of the exterior areas includes tree-lined aisles that define the parking areas, while in the carriage there will be grassy. On the basement there will be parking spaces for the staff.
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