G. Salvini New Hospital Garbagnate Milanese
Healthcare Facility
Works duration
Duration of concession
2011 – 2014
Infrastrutture Lombarde S.p.A.
3 years
27 years
The construction of the new Salvini hospital in Garbagnate Milanese is an example of construction excellence and technological innovation.
Pessina was awarded the construction and management of non-core services for the next 27 years.

The architecture of the new hospital in Garbagnate Milanese is characterised by horizontality.
The building is designed as an interlocking structure of pure volumes characterised by the use of large glass surfaces.
The building’s planimetry is hinged on a central axis of distribution. On the one side the architecture of the long-stay units is designed in the form of a comb and on the other the plate, in alternating open and closed spaces. In the central section, in addition to the horizontally distributed corridors, there are separate vertical connections for visitors, interiors, staff and materials, as well as large courtyard windows that will illuminate the connecting corridors.
The building is spread over 3 levels above ground plus one level for the plant technologies. Three underground levels contain almost all the parking spaces for employees and visitors. The new hospital is home to casualty, diagnostics, operating theatres and delivery rooms for 500 beds.
Areas for training and conference rooms, as well as reception areas and shopping are also planned.

The new building is within an area of ​​about 130,000 square meters, adjacent to the old hospital, within the district of the Groane regional park. With a consistent focus on the environment and the land, almost a third of this total area has been dedicated to green areas.

We handle all non-core services from cleaning to the medical records with advanced tools, technologies and automation, such as robotic vehicles that travel inside the hospital delivering food and medicine, removing linen and waste, ensuring the clean and dirty channels.
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Construction site - Nov. 2012
Construction site - Jun. 2013