Headquarter Reale Mutua - Turin
Office Building
Granting Authority
Works Duration
Reale Group
20 months
A new second headquarters for the group, next to current offices and the representative and historical building in Turin. The building will replace the Ex Iren building, the operation aims to requalify not only the building, but the entire block that overlooks the heart of the city. Among the priority goals there are the flexibility of the spaces, the restoration of urban volumes of the block, in addition to criteria of sustainability and high energy efficiency, the building will be certified LEED GOLD. There will built three new bodies and an underground garage. The buildings reach a maximum height of nine storeys and there will be office rooms, meeting rooms, an auditorium for 200 people, service areas, like gym, bar, coffee break areas, waiting rooms, etc… The project pays attention to the details of the interior and facade, the distribution of spaces and finishing. Even the outdoor spaces have been studied and analyzed to reach the best solution.
Project brochure
Inner court
Internal facade