New Health Center - Bologna
Healthcare Facility
Works duration
Duration of concession
Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale di Bologna
24 months
12 years
The new Health Center lies in the area of the former fruit and vegetable market in Via Fioravanti, Bologna. The building has four floors, with a gross area of approx. 6,150 sqm.
The ground floor is the more accessible area, thanks to the rectangular covered square, where are placed the general medical services, such as: blood tests, clinics, reservations office. Moreover, services with the highest medical value are located from the first floor onwards. Finally, in the basement, there is a parking of 1,260 square meters. The entire building has been built in about 24 months and thanks to the concession contract we will take care of management services for the next 12 years.
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Facade Detail
Building - Entrance