New Salesi Hospital - Ancona
Healthcare Facility
Granting Authority
Works Duration
2019 - 2022
Regione Marche
3 years
The project involves the construction of the new highly specialized "G. Salesi" maternal and child hospital, located in the University Hospital of the United Hospitals - Umberto I °, in the Torrette area of ​​the Municipality of Ancona.
The new maternal infant will constitute a new horizontal path, exclusively healthcare, which will directly communicate the bases of Umberto I and Salesi, improving the flow of personnel and patients. The new Salesi will be a functionally integrated structure with Umberto I ° not only in terms of common services, but also professional ones, leading to an "amplification" of skills, rapid diagnosis and therapeutic intervention, construction of integrated care pathways, of interaction and scientific and professional exchange.
The flexibility of the spaces has been placed as an inalienable prerogative of the project, to guarantee, over time, a good degree of adaptability to a possible space-functional reorganization. The new Salesi will be a "flexible" body, able to satisfy changing distribution and functional requirements also from the plant engineering point of view.
The realization is carried out by the temporary association of companies: Rizzani De Eccher, Pessina Costruzioni and Sacaim.