Renovation building P.I.M.E. - Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions
Works duration
2017 -2018
P.I.M.E. Pontificio Istituto Missioni Estere
15 month
We are carrying out the "conservative restoration" aimed at the complete renovation of the building located within the complex owned by P.I.M.E. in via Monte Rosa 81 in Milan, called Building A - Casa Madre.
The building built at the beginning of the last century is subject to the constraint of the Archaeological Superintendence of Fine Arts and Landscape and consists of a basement, a ground floor, two floors in elevation and an attic, for a total development of 5.857 sqm of gross floor area, and is intended for commercial and exhibition functions, as well as offices and collective spaces and residences on the upper floors. The project also involves the construction of a building as a technological centre, the construction of a new external electric cabin, the installation connections and the construction of external areas.
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