Vimercate Hospital
Healthcare Facility
Granting authority
Works duration
Duration of concession
2006 - 2009
Infrastrutture Lombarde S.p.A.
3 years
27 years
The architect Mario Botta has designed the structure of the New Hospital in Vimercate, dividing it into four blocks in order to separate the different needs of departments.
It can be said that this project helps to transform the image of the hospital and has a focus on the relationship between architecture and healthcare. The result is a building in which architecture and functionality interact and complement one another in a relationship that is of benefit to both.
The hospital, with its 500 beds distributed over an area of 100,000 m2, is equipped with all the latest biomedical and computer-based technologies.
The entire complex was built in less than 3 years, and now, because of the existing concession contract, is used by us to take care of the management of non- core hospital services.
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Front - External view
Front - External view
Front - External view